Museum and Public Building Lighting

As in the commercial sector, public buildings such as Museums and Art Galleries are increasingly under pressure to save money.

One easy way is to reduce their lighting costs by 40% per annum! Rather than have every room and gallery with the lighting on full throughout the day, lighting control can save money.

The default lighting programme for each room could be set to low lighting, providing just enough light for safety and to encourage the wandering public into the room.

Movement sensors can detect the presence of people in the room and can switch to a fuller lighting programme. Similarly, after a short time period, the absence of detected movement can cause the lighting to be switched back to the low setting, thus saving on running costs.

At Control Lighting Ltd, we helped to implement this type of solution at the Museum of Garden History, next door to Lambeth Palace. Movement sensors can also be programmed to trigger interesting events. For example, as someone walks into a room, the lighting sequence programme begins, a projector restarts, a DVD/Video presentation begins and various sound and lighting effects can be triggered.

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