Airport Hotel Banqueting Suite

A recent project was at an airport hotel banqueting suite. This large suite could be partitioned into one large room, two medium sized rooms or four meeting rooms.

The requirement for lighting control was to enable one solution to control each partition separately or any combination of partitions or to apply to the room as a whole.

Regular newsletter readers may recall that we previously delivered a similar solution elsewhere a few years ago but what made this project interesting was noticing our own reaction every time the design consultant said: "can you make it do this?" In short, our answer on every single occasion was… Yes! And, what's more, this was not a qualified "yes, if" but a positive affirmative with no compromise.

Before we delved into any detail, we could suggest over twelve ways of achieving the desired result - all with different benefits to evaluate from flexibility, price, ease of use, future proofing, ongoing cost of usage etc. and we would have recommended the most cost effective solution that fully met the design requirement.

As the requirements became more detailed and more sophisticated our combinations of solutions reduced but the answer to the design requirements was still a resounding YES.

If we weren't writing a regular newsletter, we may not have given this process a second thought but, actually, how many other lighting control experts have the considerable experience and market knowledge to have done this? Our clients and partners tell us that the answer is "precious few"!

In order to achieve the perfect solution for our client, in this example, we used an unusual combination of some American software and hardware working in conjunction with some Australian components!

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