Training The Maintenance Companies

A number of larger organisations regularly test their disaster recover systems by completely powering down their premises at least once or twice a year.

Whilst this is a good idea, the maintenance companies in charge of this process need to ensure that they are able to reboot the building as though nothing had happened.

For example, this process was carried out at a city finance house recently and when the building was switched back on, all was well apart from a few lamps had failed and a few lights had lost their DALI addresses etc. Whilst this doesn't sound like a huge problem, the effect on the customer was that the lighting in their prestigious client meeting rooms no longer worked properly…

Fortunately, the maintenance company involved had recognised that lighting control technology has moved on and had already enlisted our help training their staff in regularly maintaining the general lighting control technology at this organisation. This ensured that they have the necessary skills to maintain the general lighting AND also to correct any small and specialist lighting anomalies. As the maintenance company was trained to fix these issues, when the staff arrived for work on the Monday morning, all of the lighting systems were working perfectly.

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