"But Will It Run Angry Birds?"

As Apple announce their lovely new iPhone complete with free U2 Album you could be forgiven for assuming that the world has gone entirely mobile and that an App for everything is the panacea that we are all working towards. Indeed, the ability to wander around your venue, adjusting the specific lighting in each room from the comfort of the tablet or smartphone in your hand has clearly been a significant advance.

So it may interest you to discover that the sales of dedicated Touch Screens for lighting control have recently gone through the roof! In fact, a major Lighting Control manufacturer recently reported that 80% of all of their projects are now delivered with dedicated touch screen hardware!

Reasons for this trend include the facts that touch screens are generally smaller than tablets and can be specifically configured for the task in mind. Additionally, the software for touch screen solutions has developed over the last 15 years and can offer far more sophisticated solutions than generic lighting Apps. Finally, a dedicated Touch Screen is far less desirable to any unscrupulous members of the general public than say an iPad mini.

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