Retail Outlets: Designer Bathroom Showrooms

Control Lighting Ltd were commissioned to design and install effective modern lighting for a new Designer Bathroom Showroom in Oxford. The brief was to show off their high value bathroom products and modern concepts to their full advantage.

The overall lighting effect, both inside and outside, needed to present elegance and sophistication and deliver the vision and atmosphere of the complete bathroom design concept.

Each separate bathroom installation or free-standing unit, needed to be lit in exactly the right way to show off the beauty of the product.

The lighting needed to be easily controllable by the staff. Morning lighting settings and evening lighting settings were programmed to be very different. The benefits from changing the lighting moods are firstly to take advantage of the natural daylight, but mainly to create many interesting effects to entice potential buyers to visit.

The project was a great success and our clients' customers also buy our lighting control scheme as it forms a key part of the complete bathroom design.

Additionally, our client has calculated that the lighting implementation will actually save them 59% off their expected lighting electricity bill!

Control Lighting Ltd are very experienced in retail and commercial environments and understand the value of good lighting design and intelligent implementation.

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  • architecture
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