Problem Solving and Commissioning From A Distance...

We had an interesting challenge from a client in Germany recently.

The challenge was to communicate the movement of people within the various communal areas on each floor inside the large office building with the artwork outside the front reception area.

The project was an afterthought and, as all of the walls were already installed, the solution had to be wireless.

However, the glass at the front of the building was coated which increased the challenge.

Due to project cost restraints, we worked from our head office in Oxford, tested all of the components needed, and carried out multiple scenarios to ensure the solution worked without us needing to be on-site during site installation.

From an artistic point of view, the floors were colour-coded. By default, the external artwork pulsed a white light for each of the floors. However, when anyone entered a particular area on the fifth floor, for example, the corresponding light fitting changed from white to blue. Similarly, if activity occurred on the third floor, the corresponding light fitting changed to red.

One of the key points that impressed our client was that we were able to solve the problem and test the solution from our offices in Oxford. This meant that, as the lighting designer was also able to tell us the exact lighting RGB colour values to use, the chances of error and changes during commissioning were dramatically decreased.

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