Are Your External Lighting Systems Up To Date?

St Leonards is a church in the Midlands, which was illuminated at night using interesting external lighting fixtures and effects. At least, that was the original plan, nine years ago!

Recently, Control Lighting Ltd were called in to see if we could help improve maintenance costs. Our first action was to make sure everything was safe and remove any potentially dangerous fittings (both electrically and unsafe to maintain).

Then we made sure we understood the original design brief and the ongoing annual budget for maintaining the lighting in future. Through our own detailed knowledge and also through advances in technology, we were able to swap out the older costly light fittings and replace them with more efficient new technology that still met the design brief, but at a far lower cost.
We also installed a new control system that enables remote programming and remote fault finding. Not only is this easier for the staff, but when they want to switch to their special Christmas lighting sequences, we can now programme this from our Oxford offices and then immediately upload it straight into their onsite control system.

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