There Is No Dark Side Of The Moon, Really!

Continuing our theme of imaginative projects, we are delighted to be involved in another highly creative external lighting project. A commercial organisation in the multimedia industry was looking for an unusual way of lighting their external façade and canopy at the front of their headquarters. Working closely with their lighting designer, we linked the scenes in their controlled lighting solution to the actual phases of the moon.

We started by using the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter to create four different colour templates. Lunar experts amongst our readers will know that there are a number of different states in the lunar cycle including the new moon, the waxing crescent, the first quarter, the waxing gibbous, the full moon, the waning gibbous, the last quarter and the waning crescent.

Using some clever mathematics and date data manipulation, our lighting control system will know the status of the moon on every evening of the year. Each lunar state will result in a slightly different lighting scheme thereby linking the external lighting directly to the state of the moon.

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