A Nightmare In Knightsbridge

A few weeks ago, we were at a beautiful two storey apartment in Knightsbridge, owned by an Italian designer.

When she renovated the apartment a few years ago, she bought in a lighting company from Italy and an electricians firm from the UK.

There were a few communications problems and half way through the project, the UK firm pulled out.

Another company stepped in and installed a control system without a clear idea of what was required. More contractors came and went, applying sticking plaster solutions to an unmanaged project.

Eventually, five years later, Control Lighting Ltd was called in. We found that none of the cables had been labelled, the dimming room was the wrong size and inaccessible, as it had been installed above the lift motor room. Also, nobody had really visualised how the client would wish to use her apartment now and how it may evolve in the future. For example, if she wished to adjust the blinds in the kitchen, she had to use a switch in the hall!

The outcome was that the client's needs had not been met and she had to pay for more contractors and for more lighting products than were actually needed for this project. Control Lighting Ltd was able to untangle the chaos, install the correct Lutron lighting control system components, and program the solution that met the client's current and future needs. However, using a lighting control specialist to project manage the design and installation from the outset would have saved the client a lot of time, money and unnecessary stress.

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