Our Lighting Control Systems Go On... And On... And On...

In a recent civic project for a county council we were asked to anticipate the expected lifespan of the lighting control system that we were specifying for the project. This highlighted an interesting statistic when looking back over our longer term projects.

In every single case, where we supplied the lighting control system, the system has outlasted all of the other lighting components on the project.

As an example, the control system that we supplied to Hackney Community College is still going strong - 15 years later!

In many cases technological advances and changing user requirements will necessitate an upgrading of the lighting solution. For example, in one recent project we replaced the original 700W light fittings with 60W LED colour changing clusters... However, the control system did not need changing!

In short, your investment in working with Control Lighting Ltd will pay dividends over the long term!

Control Lighting serves a wide range of clients including many from the following sectors:

  • architecture
  • corporate
  • retail
  • entertainment
  • local authorities
  • residential
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