Is Your Lighting Creating The Results You Want?

This article is perhaps more of an observation than a case study.

One area where we have a lot of lighting control experience is in Health Clubs and Spas. During our travels, we have noticed two distinct and different styles to lighting spa areas. In our first example, we observed that this Spa used the same relaxing lighting experience flowing throughout all of their rooms.

They established a house style using pastel lighting colours that gave a relaxing and comfortable feel throughout the venue.

In our second example, we noticed that wherever there were products on sale, including in the treatment rooms, they kept bright lights shining onto their beautiful products at all times. This gave the impression that the venue was more about retail and sales than about relaxation.

We're not saying that either example is better or worse. We discovered that more people lingered and spent additional time in the first Spa example. In the second Spa example, people tended to arrive for their treatment or class and then leave; which indicated that this Spa may in fact sell more products, but may have fewer clients who also use the Spa less often.

In conclusion, clever use of lighting will change the way your customers behave. Therefore it is essential to ensure that the lighting used is helping your business to achieve your desired results rather than hindering it.

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