Irideon Luminaires

Coloured lighting products have come a long way over the last few decades especially in the area of moving lights. The first moving colour changing light was developed by Vari-lite (America) in the early 80's with backing from the rock band Genesis.

Using technology from the famous Vari-lite VL5 product they developed a first in the exterior colour changing market and created the Irideon Luminaires.

These specialized outdoor floodlights feature a 700-watt MSD lamp with its patented, computer-controlled dichroic colour-changing mechanism.

See the AR500 (pictured left) - still an excellent way of illuminating the exterior of buildings using a variety of colour changing effects.

Whilst there are newer solutions available, Control Lighting Ltd recognise that many organisations have invested their time and money in Irideon luminaires. We have over 12 years experience in implementing and supporting these outdoor lighting products and have recently purchased all of the spare parts for the Irideon luminaires.

This means that we can continue to support Irideon luminaire solutions and can carry out repairs and provide spare parts where necessary.

For any help on maintaining your clients' Irideon luminaire solutions, please call us at the Oxford office.

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