Interactive Public Realm Lighting - Who Is In Control?

In the public realm, beautiful lighting projects in the past have been created by designers, who have selected lighting colours and sequences based on the original design brief or as part of their design concept. More recently, however, we have seen a shift with local authorities and developers wishing to get the public involved. This may be partly to help justify the cost of these installations but also to deliver a better user experience.

Two recent examples include one feature where the general public can send a standard text message containing a specific colour. If they want a lighting feature to change colour, they can text the word "Red" and immediately watch the lighting change in real time.

A more sophisticated scenario uses movement sensors. For example, when a person enters a town square, this triggers a floor lighting effect that appears to send "ripples" of light across the whole square. At the same time, as each person exits a shop entrance surrounding the square, they will trigger other ripples across the flooring lighting. Some of the public will spot that they are inadvertently causing these effects and this adds to their enjoyment.

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